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A 1 s 1 3 2 4 2 c 13 d s b 24 e 4 monohybrid

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Unformatted text preview: hematochromatosis 4 Father⇒ Mutant Normal: (causes disease): Mother⇓ S s Which cell(s) contain genotypes that will result in offspring with the disease? A.  1 s 1 3 2 4 2 C.  1&3 D.  s B.  2&4 E.  4 MONOHYBRID CROSS: AUTOSOMAL 1 LOCUS, 2 ALLELES •  Disease-causing allele is DOMINANT. •  Examples: •  Huntington’s Disease; •  Marfan’s Syndrome; •  hematochromatosis 4 Father⇒ Mutant Normal: (causes disease): Mother⇓ S s s __ __ s __ __ Father will eventually develop the disease. Two of four offspring (on average) develop the disease; There are no “carrier” individuals with a dominant disease causing allele. Pedigree diagram of autosomal DOMINANT inheritance Woody Guthrie Arlo Guthrie in 1968 COLOR PATTERN IN COCKATIELS & BUDGERIGARS •  2 Color Loci: 1.  Psittacofluvins (yellow/orange/red): AUTOSOMAL 2.  Melanin (gray/black/blue): SEX-LINKED •  1 Pattern Locus 1.  Normal vs. piebald pattern: AUTOSOMAL Do these mutations occur in the wild? Yes! Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoos in the wild: “Pied” mutation on the left ( Australia) Yellow-headed Parrots in the wild: Yellow “off” mutation on the left (Central America) Dihybrid cross: autosomal, pure dominance, 2 loci, each with 2 alleles yy Wild “normal” cockatiel pair Locus 1: pigment locus: •  Yellow/red pigment group (unique to parrots, called psittacofulvins) Locus 2: Patterning of melanin •  Face mask in male and feather epaulets, melanin is deleted. Mutation @ Locus 1: “whiteface” Yellow/red OFF 2 alleles: 1. ...
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