Bmr iodized salt depends on salt low sperm oyster

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Unformatted text preview: r iodized salt. depends on salt. low sperm oyster phytate: decrease b io increase Fe, Cu, d ecrease AN g oiter coenyme Study Tool for Vitamins growth sexual maturation immune wound healing tissue Vitamin Vit C Basic & Specific Funct antioxidant iron absoprtion Good Food Source Deficiency or Toxicity Other Info (Bioavail) scurvy not kiwi strawberry collegens synthesis Thiamin meat whole grain coeanzyme enriched grain beriberi, heart failure, fatigue energy metabolism Niacin Vit B12 Folate Vit A Vit D Vit E energy metabolism nerve impulse, epithelial tissue protect neuron, dna synthesis, cell replication dna synthesis, cell replication same pellagra, dementia, dermatitis, d iarrha, death fish, fermented food,moso, kimchee spinach lost in milling made from t ryrtophan pernicious anemia intrinsinc factor required for absorption stored in megaloblastic anemia neurak tubedegect in p regnancy...
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