1 kilogram kg 222 pounds your rda for protein 0

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Unformatted text preview: forming this function. Energy protein 1. ____________________________________________Example_________________________ Structure protein 2. ____________________________________________Example_________________________ Regulation protein 3. ____________________________________________Example_________________________ 56. What is osteoporosis? (Define and how does it develop). Are you at risk for osteoporosis? (Give 2 (two) reasons why or why not). means porous bones and is characterized by weak bones with low _________________________________________________________________________ m ineral content. _________________________________________________________________________ I'm at risk for osteoporosis,because I'm female and I'm inactive. _________________________________________________________________________ (low estrogen. older age. menopause. genetics.low calcium intake.) _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ 1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________ Early Final - Test Form A 12 NAME_________________________ ID____________________________ 57. It’s the year 2034 (just pretend) and you are concerned about your health, particularly heart disease risk. Here are some vital statistics about you and your diet. Using this information, answer the following questions: Diet 86*4+289*4+130*9kcal/ 86 grams protein g=2670kcal 289 grams carbohydrate 2000 grams water 130 grams fat 55 grams saturated fat 75 grams unsaturated fat 15 grams fiber 410 milligrams cholesterol Vital Statistics Activity level: sedentary Age: 51 Percentage body fat: 31% Waist measurement: 37 inches Hip measurement: 36 inches Smoker Blood cholesterol: 275 mg/dl Are you following the dietary recommendations to reduce risk for heart disease? a. Yes b. No Why? Give 4 reasons – show necessary work. t otal fat intake = >35% 1.__________________________________________________________________________________ 18.5% s fat>7% my cholesterol intake excess 300mg/day 2.__________________________________________________________________________________ my blood cholesterol excess 200mg/dL waist >35inches---->obesity 3.__________________________________________________________________________________ fiber intake<25g 4.__________________________________________________________________________________ Give four risk factors you have for cardiovascular disease. physical inactivity 1.______________________________________ cigarette smoking 2.______________________________________ 58. high cholesterol 3.________________________________________ abdominal obesity if female. 4.________________________________________ Define vitamins and describe their function (include both categories). vitamins are ORGANIC substances, that are ESSENTIAL nutrient required in a small ___________________________________________________________________________________ amount. function as REUGULATORS...
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