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Unformatted text preview: east 3 (three) factors taken into account when establishing an RDA for a specific nutrient such as a mineral.] RDA is the recomended allowance intake for protein & some vit/mineral, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ designed to meet the neads of all the healthy people in the population, ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ it is not a minimum or a daily average, meant to be average over several days ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ FACTORS: age,pregnancy, physiological state, diet quality ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 52. Define homeostasis. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ maintenance of relatively constant internal body envionment within a n arrow limits to ensure functioning of normal body process ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Describe a system/process under homeostatic control. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ body temperature:, calsium homeostasis:, blood glucose,fluid balance ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Early Final - Test Form A 11 NAME_________________________ ID____________________________ 53. A friend has asked you what changes he/she should make in their diet to help reduce their cancer risk. What recommendations would you make? (Make sure to include 3 specific factors implicated in cancer risk and why.) should increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to increase fiber intake. 1. t o reduce exposure to carcinogens by speding the passage of waste 2. should increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to increase intake of antioxidants. vc ve b caroteen protect cells from carcinagens and oxidants 3. should increase consumption of fruits and vegetables to decrease fat intake since fat promote cancer cell growth 54. A Dos Coyotes steak taco provides 16 grams of protein. What percent of your RDA for protein does one taco provide? [1 kilogram (kg) = 2.22 pounds] Your RDA for protein: 0 .8g*60kg=48g % of RDA for one taco: 16/48*100=30% 55. What are the three basic functions of nutrients? Give an example of a nutrient per...
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