Vitamins are organic substances that are essential

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Unformatted text preview: . there are 2 categories of vitamins:water- soluble s erve as coenzymes and fat soluble serve as a more general role. ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ Describe three (3) ways the vitamin categories differ. ___________________________________________________________________________________ water soluble: found in watery parts of the cells. fat-soluble: found in fatty parts of the body and cells turnover in body is rapid. turnover in body is slow ___________________________________________________________________________________ when consumed in excess, excrete in urine. excess can be stored function as coenzymes, function in more general roles ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Early Final - Test Form A 13 why? i want to maintain a healthy NAME____________________________ weight, promote overall health, prevent ID__________________________ diet-related chronic diseases. 59. What is an empty calorie food? soFAS are solid fats and added sugars that are found in food and ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ beverages Americans eat, we average 35% of our calories as soFAS. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Recall from your diet project two examples of empty calorie foods you consumed b utter corn syrup,candy 1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________ What food could you substitute in their place to improve your intake of nutrients? (Give two examples). 1. _____________________________ 2. _____________________________ eggs apples 60. [SHOW WORK AND UNITS FOR CREDIT] Using the Nutrition Facts food label, calculate the percent Daily Value (% DV) this food provides for: Cholesterol 30mg/300mg*100=10% Total Fat 11g/65g=17% butter What is this food (bonus 1 pt.)_____________________ 61. What is the Food Guide Pyramid? Draw a picture making sure to identify parts: Early Final - Test Form A 14 NAME_________________________ ID___________________________...
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