Pretest Chapter 5

Pretest Chapter 5 - A. Maintain an equal, two-way...

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1. Which of the following is false about gender differences in listening? A. Men are more likely than women to play up their expertise when responding. B. Men tend to give longer responses. C. Women use listening to establish closer relationships. D. Women are more likely to express agreement in order to be liked. 2. Which was not mentioned in the book as a cultural difference that influences listening? A. Feedback B. Context C. Language and speech D. Nonverbal behaviors 3. Which of the following styles of listening would work best in a culture where maintaining a positive attitude is valued over being frank? A. Critical listening B. Depth listening C. Objective listening D. Empathic listening 4. Which of the following is not important in empathetic and objective listening?
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Unformatted text preview: A. Maintain an equal, two-way conversation. B. Try to see events through the speaker's eyes. C. Firmly communicate your points. D. Attempt to understand the speaker's feelings and thoughts. 5. If a listener's response is overly excited, the speaker will A. wonder why the listener is so expressive. B. reveal additional information. C. assume that the listener is preoccupied. D. shy away from continuing. 6. Which is not an example of someone taking responsibility for what they say? A. "This is how I feel when you don't help me clean up after dinner." B. "I am uncomfortable with this situation." C. "I feel frustrated when you don't clear your dishes."...
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Pretest Chapter 5 - A. Maintain an equal, two-way...

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