2 where a factual claim is substantiated by research

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Unformatted text preview: substantiated by research or testing based on the advertiser’s own assessment or work done at his request, the source and date of the assessment or research should be indicated in the advertisement. 3. Best-selling claims are further subject to the following rules:(a) such claims should be substantiated by: (i) independently audited sales figures; or (ii) probability sample surveys which are recognised or endorsed by an industry body or accepted under the industry-wide standards of the relevant trade of the advertisers or are scientifically conducted to ensure that the findings are statistically significant, reliable and valid; and (b) best-selling claims should not be used unless there is adequate and explicit specification (aural and/or visual) in the advertisement of the category of brand leadership, country, and the time period it covers e.g. “In 1992, Brand X is the No.1 selling _____ (product category) in Hong Kong”. 4. Superlatives like “most popular”, “most preferred”, “most favoured”, etc., whe...
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