37 no advertisement offering for sale to hong kong

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Unformatted text preview: arded as sufficient substantiation). 37. No advertisement offering for sale to Hong Kong residents any flat, shop, office or other unit of accommodation in a building or proposed building or any land or any sub-division, share or interest thereof or therein situated outside Hong Kong should be accepted unless the developer or vendor is able to produce the following: (a) a letter from a firm of solicitors/attorneys registered and recognized in the country where the real property or land is situated confirming that : (i) all the requirements imposed by the local government relating to the development and sale of the real property or land to be advertised have been properly complied with by the developer or vendor; (ii) the developer or vendor has obtained the requisite consent (if necessary under the local laws) from the local government for the sale of the real property or land to non-residents; and (iii) housing loan is available to prospective purchasers from a licensed financial institution, either locally or elsewhere; and (b) a letter from a firm of solicitors who are qualified to practise in Hong Kong confirming that, to the best of their knowledge and belief, the local firm of solicitors/attorneys providing the confirmation in (a) a...
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