40 tv advertising code chp 9 current affairs

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Unformatted text preview: pursuit of a formal course of academic studies, but do not include general instructional (‘how to do’) programmes. 40 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 9 Current Affairs Programmes 14. Title sponsorship, display of sponsorship references (alongside the sponsored material) within programmes and product/service sponsorship, which have the meanings as in paragraphs 8 to 10 of this chapter, may apply to current affairs programmes. Due to the special nature of these programmes, the licensee should exercise care in the choice of sponsor so as to safeguard the credibility and integrity of such programmes. Commercial References in Contests 15. Subject to paragraphs 8 to 10 of this chapter, factual aural/visual references to the sponsor’s provision of the prize/prizes not otherwise constituting advertisements are allowed in contests provided that they are not used excessively. Promotional Materials for Sponsored Programmes (“Promos”) 16. Promos are subject to the following rules: (a) No reference to sponsors may be allowed except where the sponsor’s name or his house/trade/brand/product/service name, trademark, logo or his advertising slogan or attribute is an integral par...
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