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Unformatted text preview: power to impose sanctions on licensees who do not comply with the Code. 2. This Code sets out the advertising standards for the four categories of television programme services licensed under the Broadcasting Ordinance (Cap.562), viz., domestic free television programme services, domestic pay television programme services, non-domestic television programme services and other licensable television programme services. 3. Due to the difference in the characteristics, pervasiveness and degree of influence of the television programme services, each category of television programme service is subject to a level of control appropriate to that particular type of services. As a general principle underlying television advertising regulation, the degree of restriction applied must be related to the likely audience of the television programme service and their expectations. 4. Domestic free television programme services are intended or available for reception by the public free of charge in Hong Kong; they are intended or available for reception by an audience of more than 5,000 specified premises and primarily target Hong Kong. Since they are the most pervasive of all the fo...
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