562 or the relevant licence this rule does not apply

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Unformatted text preview: s television programme services pursuant to the Broadcasting Ordinance (Cap.562) or the relevant licence. This rule does not apply to a service or part of a service that comprises of home shopping material where the nature of the service or part of a service is, in the opinion of the CA, clearly identified to viewers. 2. Advertisements (including sponsorship and product placement) built into programmes of channels acquired for direct re-transmission which are produced primarily for reception outside Hong Kong but which do not contribute to any advertising revenue of the licensee may deviate from the standards set out in paragraph 1 where the licensee can demonstrate that compliance is not feasible without interrupting the licensee’s television programme services. 2A. Paragraph 2 above does not apply to domestic free television programme services unless – (a) prior to the launch of the channel to be directly re-transmitted, the licensee has provided a declaration to the CA that the channel is produced primarily for reception outs...
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