A promo may be followed by advertisements announcing

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Unformatted text preview: t of the station’s official programme title and the rules in paragraphs 8 to 8B of this chapter where applicable are complied with. A promo may be followed by advertisements announcing the sponsors with the advertisements being counted towards the advertising time allowances. (b) Announcements on any television contests may include factual references to prizes, prize sponsor’s name and/or his house/trade/brand/product/service name and/or trademark/logo and/or advertising slogan or attribute, or means of obtaining entry forms but such references should not contain advertisement for any product/service and the presentation does not obtrude on viewing pleasure. In this connection, the ground rules on sponsor identifications at paragraph 3 of this chapter will equally apply. Prohibited and Restricted Sponsors 17. The licensee should not accept any sponsorship in respect of products/services/establishments in so far as they are not acceptable for advertising under the Code. However, acknowledgment to such establishments may be included in the...
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