Advertisements for products and services which are of

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Unformatted text preview: e of particular concern or sensitivity (e.g. alcoholic beverages, medicines, personal products etc.) are subject to more 4 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 1 stringent restrictions. (c) Time of the day The licensee’s responsibility for sensitive scheduling of advertisements may reduce a risk of offence to the minimum. For example, at certain times, parents will want to be confident that their children can watch television unsupervised without the risk of being exposed to unsuitable material. At other times, they can accept more challenging material and can reasonably be expected to take greater control over their children’s viewing. (d) Target audience The provisions in the Code will differ according to the likely composition of the audience to television advertising. The compliance of an advertisement with the Code will be assessed in terms of its probable impact as a whole upon that particular audience who are likely to be exposed to it. Special concern should be given to the interests of children and young viewers. The restriction on the advertisements targeti...
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