Advertisements should not show a patient receiving

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Unformatted text preview: rticular cause. Depiction of Patients 17. Advertisements should not show a patient receiving treatment or under the influence of a drug or hypnotism. The appearance of a patient implying or testifying to the cure of any condition is also not acceptable. Description of Bodily Functions 18. Graphic or repellent descriptions of bodily functions or matters which are generally considered not acceptable to a wide cross section of society are not allowed. Derogatory Reference to Physical or Mental Affliction 19. No derogatory reference whether spoken or visual should be allowed for advertising purposes to any physical or mental affliction or deformity. Any 21 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 6 reference to such infirmities must avoid bringing ridicule or offence to the sufferers or their families. Sales Promotions 20. No advertisement for a medical preparation or treatment may contain any reference to a prize competition or promotional scheme such as gifts, premium offers and samples. Claims Relating to Nutrition or Dietary Effects 21. Claims relating to nutrition or dietary effects of product...
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