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Unformatted text preview: ance on the likely acceptability of particular proposals should approach the relevant licensee. 10. The Code sets out the factors which should be taken into account when making editorial judgement. It is the responsibility of the licensees to ensure that any advertising included in their licensed services will comply with the Code. Judgement will always be called for by the licensees. When forming a view about the acceptability of any advertising material, the CA will give consideration to the following factors: (a) Type of licensees Restrictions on the content, presentation and placement of advertising are to be adjusted according to the degree of pervasiveness and the nature of a certain category of licensees. See also paragraphs 4 to 7 in this chapter. (b) Category of advertisement The licensee should exercise care in the inclusion in its licensed service of specific categories of advertisement having regard to the nature of the product or service advertised and the treatment of the product or service in the advertisement. Advertisements for products and services which ar...
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