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Apart from front or end sponsor credits sponsorship

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Unformatted text preview: nt within a magazine programme, providing programme-related information. Apart from front or end sponsor credits, sponsorship of the above material may be identified by the display (alongside the sponsored material) of the sponsor’s name, his house/trade/brand/product/service name, trademark/logo, advertising slogan and attribute of the sponsor (“sponsorship references”) which is clearly identifiable as a sponsor identification in terms of presentation or by context(Note 3). Such sponsor identifications plus the sponsored material (except the programme-related text message within a travelogue or cuisine programme or within a travelogue or cuisine segment of a magazine programme) should be mute and generally placed along one of the margins of the television screen, and are subject to the rules set out in paragraphs 8B and 9 of this chapter. Sponsor Identification within Programmes 8B. References to sponsored programme title/programme segment title/programme feature title (whether visually and/or orally) and the display of sponsorship references alongside the sponsored material within programmes, as permitted under paragraphs 8 and 8A of this chapter respectively, to serve as a sponsor identification, are subject to the ground rules of paragraph 3 of this chapter and the following conditions: (a) the sponsor identification appearing in the programme should be limited to one at any one time; (b) the number of sponsor appearing in each sponsor identification p...
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