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Categories of programme carrying no advertising 15

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Unformatted text preview: ing 15. Advertisements must not be inserted in the course of: (a) a religious service or other devotional programme; or 9 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 3 (b) school programmes within the Educational Television (ETV) time slot supplied by the Government as the CA may require to be included in the domestic free television programme service under the Broadcasting Ordinance (Cap. 562). NON-DOMESTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 16. The licensee should observe the laws and programme and advertising standards of the relevant authorities of the intended recipient countries and places. 10 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 4 Chapter 4 Factual and Best-selling Claims DOMESTIC FREE, DOMESTIC PAY TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES AND OTHER LICENSABLE Claims to be Substantiated 1. All factual claims and best-selling claims should be capable of substantiation. Statements should not be used in respect of any products that they are “the best”, “the most successful”, “safest”, “quickest”, or containing any similar use of superlative adjectives unless the truthfulness of such statements is adequately substantiated. 2. Where a factual claim is...
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