Encouragement of excess 14 no advertisement may

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Unformatted text preview: rohibited. Encouragement of Excess 14. No advertisement may directly or indirectly encourage indiscriminate, unnecessary or excessive use of any medical preparation or treatment. Exaggeration 15. No advertisement may make exaggerated claims, in particular through the selection of testimonials or other evidence unrepresentative of a product’s effectiveness, or by claiming that it possesses some special property or quality which is incapable of being established. Statements should not be used in respect of any product or method of treatment that it is ‘the most successful’, ‘safest’, ‘quickest’ or similar use of superlative or comparative adjectives. General Statements 16. Advertisements should not contain: (a) general statements which mislead viewers by omitting essential facts; (b) statements directly stating or implying that ‘all’ of a certain group of diseases will be cured by the preparation; or (c) statements directly stating or implying that ‘all’ diseases are due to a pa...
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