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Unformatted text preview: ims, please see Chapter 4 Factual and Best-selling Claims). Imitation 10. Advertisements which imitate or approximate unreasonably the name or advertising slogans of competitors to the knowledge of the licensee should not be permitted. Appeal to Fear 11. Advertisements should not unduly play on fear. Repetition of Advertisements 12. Deleted. Acceptability of Advertising Matters 13. A licensee shall refuse the facilities of his station where he has good reason to doubt the integrity of the advertiser, the truth of the advertising representations, or the compliance of the advertiser with the spirit and purpose of all legal requirements that applies to the advertiser. 14. A licensee shall refuse to permit the use of advertising matter, or the advertising of products and services, which he has good reason to believe would be objectionable to a substantial and responsible section of the community. (See also Chapter 5 Unacceptable Products or Services). Categories of Programme Carrying No Advertis...
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