Medical preparations and treatments general 7 the

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Unformatted text preview: reparations and Treatments General 7. The licensee should ensure that all medical advertisements conform with the laws of Hong Kong, including without limitation the Undesirable Medical Advertisements Ordinance (Cap. 231). Medical Preparation 8. The term ‘medical preparation’ means any kind of medicament or other curative or preventive substance and whether a proprietary medicine, a patent medicine or purported natural remedy. It includes: (a) mixtures, powders, tablets, lozenges, or any product to be taken by mouth for therapeutic use; (b) drops or paints, such as eye, ear or nose drops, throat paint, etc.; (c) ointments, creams, pastes or powders for therapeutic use externally; (d) liniments or any product to be rubbed on; (e) injections; and (f) foods which claim to assist ‘regularity’ or other health problems. 18 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 6 Restricted Medical Preparations 9. Advertisements for medical preparations which are included in : (a) Part I of the Schedule to the Poisons List Regulations (Cap...
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