Sponsorship considerations for specific types of

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Unformatted text preview: o the provisions governing substantiation of factual claims and disparagement of competitors. Sponsorship Considerations for Specific Types of Programme Drama Programmes 11. Deleted. Children’s Programmes 12. Sponsorship of children’s programmes requires special caution. To avoid the programmes becoming too commercialized, title sponsorship which has the meanings as in paragraph 8 of this chapter may apply to children’s programmes save and except for attributes and advertising slogans of the sponsor. The licensee is prohibited from displaying in children’s programmes sponsorship references as provided in paragraph 8A of this chapter and/or accepting product/service sponsorship which has the meaning as in paragraph 10 of this chapter in respect of children’s programmes. Educational Programmes 13. The licensee has to ensure that the rule mentioned in paragraph 12 above is also strictly observed in educational programmes. For the purpose of this paragraph, “educational programmes” refer to programmes with a clear educational purpose, usually in connection with the...
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