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Unformatted text preview: erimposed Text 9. When information is included in the form of captions, either standing alone or superimposed onto other images, the text must be clearly legible and held long enough for the full message to be read by the average viewer on a standard domestic television set. 10. Special attention should be paid to the typeface, letter spacing, line spacing, background or other element of presentation including without limitation the interaction with the background which may render the text blurred or otherwise indistinct. NON-DOMESTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 11. The licensee should observe the laws and programme and advertising standards of the relevant authorities of the intended recipient countries and places. 12 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 5 Chapter 5 Unacceptable Products or Services DOMESTIC FREE, DOMESTIC PAY TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES AND OTHER LICENSABLE Unacceptable Products or Services 1. Advertisements for products or services coming within the recognised character of, or specifically concerned with, the following are not acceptable for inclusion in a licensed service: (a) firearms and associated equipment; (b) fortune-tellers and the like: this does not preclude advertisements for publications (whether printed or otherwise) or pre-recorded information services (whether voice or data) on subjects of general interest such as horoscopes, astrology, Chinese almanacs, fung-shui, etc; (c) undertaker or others associated with death or burial: except adv...
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