Surreptitious sponsorship is not allowed all

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Unformatted text preview: onstrate that this is unavoidable. DOMESTIC PAY TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES AND OTHER LICENSABLE TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 21. Surreptitious sponsorship is not allowed. All sponsorship must be clearly identified at the beginning and/or end of the programme and/or within the programme as part of a programme title, programme segment title or programme feature title, or by display of sponsorship references alongside the sponsorable material as prescribed in paragraph 8A of this chapter. Such identifications may include references to a sponsor’s name, product/service, house/trade/brand/product/service name, trademark/logo, advertising slogan and attribute, and sponsored prizes in connection with contest programmes. All sponsor identifications within programmes must comply with the basic ground rules as set out in paragraph 3, and the rules as set out in paragraphs 8B(a), 8B(b) and 8B(c) of this chapter. Paragraphs 10 (save and except for the time limit restriction set out in paragraph 6), 12 to 14 and 17 to 20 of this chapter also apply to the licensees. 22. Services permitted under paragraph 1 of Chapter 8 of this Code or programmes of channels acquired for direct re-transmission permitted under paragraph 2 of Chapter 8 of this Code provided by the licensee may deviate from the standards set out in paragraph 21 of this chapter but only when the licensee can demonstrate that this is unavoidable. NON-DOMESTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 23. The licensee should observe the laws and programme and advertising standards of the relevant authorities of the intended recipient countries and places. 42...
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