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Unformatted text preview: adcast in a channel targeting children; or ( c) in which children are to be employed. The Viewing Child 2. No product or service may be advertised and no method of advertising may be used, in association with a programme intended for children, or in the case of domestic free television programme services, which large numbers of children are likely to watch, which might result in harm to them physically, mentally or morally, and no method of advertising may be employed which takes advantage of the natural credulity and sense of loyalty of children. In particular: (a) No advertisement may encourage children to take part in any scheme that contains an element of danger to them, e.g. to enter strange places or to converse with strangers in an effort to collect coupons, wrappers, labels, etc. The licensee should have his responsibility under this subparagraph discharged if he had exercised reasonable effort to ensure that the scheme advertised contain no element of danger to children. (b) No advertisement for a commercial product or service is allowed if it contains any appeal to children which suggests in any way that unless the children themselves buy or encourage other people to buy the product or service they will be failing in some duty or lacking in loyalty towards some person or orga...
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