The licensee should observe the laws and programme

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Unformatted text preview: nder other parts of this Code. NON-DOMESTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 3. The licensee should observe the laws and programme and advertising standards of the relevant authorities of the intended recipient countries and places. 35 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 9 Chapter 9 Programme Sponsorship GENERAL PRINCIPLES FOR ALL CATEGORIES OF SERVICES 1. A programme is sponsored if it is broadcast in return for payment or other valuable consideration (which includes the programme itself) to a licensee. A programme includes a part thereof or a programme segment. 2. A core principle of this Code is the preservation of programme integrity by not allowing programme agendas to be distorted for commercial purposes. Where a programme is sponsored, the licensee should remain responsible for its content. SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS FOR DIFFERENT CATEGORIES OF SERVICES DOMESTIC FREE TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES Sponsor Identifications 3. All sponsored programmes must be clearly identified. Sponsor identifications other than in the form of advertisements are subject to the following basic ground rules: (a) (b) vi...
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