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The list is for reference only and it is the

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Unformatted text preview: The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. (The list is for reference only and it is the responsibility of the users of this Code to ascertain the applicable and up-to-date legal and regulatory requirements.) 28. Deleted. Deposit and Savings Facilities 29. Advertisements for deposit and savings facilities should comply with the following provisions: (a) for deposit and savings facilities offered by any licensed bank, any restricted licence bank or any deposit-taking company authorized under the Banking Ordinance (Cap. 155) : (i) the advertisement should not use any terms or expressions indicating that the deposits will be absolutely or completely secure or to the like effect; (ii) the advertisement should not state or imply that the repayment of any deposits or the payment of any interest payable on deposits is guaranteed or secured unless it also states the nature and extent of the guarantee and the name of the guarantor, or the nature and extent of the security, as the case may be; (iii) no reference should be made to the amount of the nominal or authorized capital of the institution; and (iv) no reference should be made to the total assets of the institution or to the total deposits made with the institution unless at the same time a reference is made to the amounts of the paid up capital and reserves either separately or together; or (b) for invitations to make a deposit outside Hong Kong, the advertisement should comply with the requirements specified in the Fifth Sche...
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