The restriction on the advertisements targeting

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Unformatted text preview: ng children is much more stringent than those targeting adults. (e) Circumstances in which the advertisements are shown Account should be taken of the circumstances in which the advertisements are shown such as the nature of a channel or a programme in which the advertisement is included or the extent to which the viewer is able to control its reception. 11. Care should be taken in those aspects of television programme services which entail advertisers’ involvement in programming or promotional (rather than advertising) time. The Code makes different provisions governing standards in the sponsoring of programmes for different types of licensees. Standards on indirect advertising are set out separately in the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards. 12. The Code deals in general principles. Licensees would be required to draw up their own guidelines in the light of the particular interests of the organisations and their audiences so as to provide practical guidance to their staff on how these general principles would be applied in specific circumstances. Licensees must reflect the general effect of...
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