They are television programme services whose

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Unformatted text preview: eception is limited to a narrower audience. Since these services (except for a service provided to hotel rooms) are required to provide a television programme service locking device, they should not be subject to a degree of control greater than that imposed on the domestic pay television. However as the target audience of these services may range from members of the general public to hotel guests and other special interest groups, the licensee should be sensitive to the expectations of different audiences. 8. Some of the provisions in the Code are common to all categories of television programme services while others apply to a certain category or categories of such services. This will be clearly stated in the headings or the concerned paragraphs or chapters. 9. The CA, as the regulator, does not preview programmes and advertising material or consider specific proposals before production. The editorial responsibility lies with the licensees themselves. Advertisers or potential sponsors seeking guid...
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