Those giving testimonials must neither be nor appear

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Unformatted text preview: be underweight is acceptable or desirable. Those giving testimonials must neither be nor appear to be underweight; and (v) advertisements for food products in this category must make it clear that the product can assist weight loss only as part of a calorie controlled diet. (Note: For the purpose of this rule the Body Mass Index for a normal person is between 18.5 and 25 kilograms/meter2 as recommended by the World Health Organisation. Body Mass Index over or under this range would be considered as obese or underweight.) Personal Products General 22. Products of personal nature, such as female sanitary products, condoms, deodorants for the genital area, incontinence products, etc., should be presented with care and sensitivity. Depiction of such products must be in good taste and not overly graphic. Advertising of female sanitary products and condoms should be restrained and discreet. Female Sanitary Products 23. The product itself should not be shown in a manner likely to cause offence and/or embarrassment to the viewers. Close-up sh...
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