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Unsponsorable programme 18 news programmes and

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Unformatted text preview: rolling end credits of the programme if the context or dramatic veracity requires the programme to include shots of the establishments. Unsponsorable Programme 18. News programmes and programmes, announcements or other material included at the direction of the CA from time to time must not be sponsored. 41 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 9 19. Religious service or other devotional programmes must not be sponsored. Acquired Programmes 20. Films made for the cinema and acquired programmes covering sporting and other events taking place outside Hong Kong may deviate from the standards in this chapter only when this is unavoidable. Permitted Services or Channels Acquired for Direct Re-transmission 20A. Services permitted under paragraph 1 of Chapter 8 of this Code or programmes of channels acquired for direct re-transmission provided by the licensee which are permitted under paragraph 2 of Chapter 8 of this Code may deviate from the standards set out in this chapter but only when the licensee can dem...
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