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C no advertisement is allowed which leads children to

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Unformatted text preview: nisation whether that person or organisation is the one making the appeal or not. (c) No advertisement is allowed which leads children to believe that if they do not own the product advertised they will be inferior in some way to other children or that they are liable to be held in contempt or ridicule for not owning it. (d) No advertisement dealing with the activities of a club is allowed 30 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 7 without the submission of satisfactory evidence that the club is carefully supervised in the matter of the behaviour of the children and the company they keep and that there is no suggestion of the club being a secret society. (e) While it is recognised that children are not the direct purchaser of many products over which they are naturally allowed to exercise preference, care should be taken that they are not encouraged to make themselves a nuisance to other people in the interests of any particular product or service. In an advertisement offering a free gift, a premium or a competition for children, the main emphasis of...
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