E for the purpose of subparagraph d above none of the

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Unformatted text preview: al within each programme segment or mini-programme should not exceed 15 seconds in aggregate. (e) for the purpose of subparagraph (d) above, none of the following will be counted towards the time allowance prescribed in paragraphs 8B(d)(ii) and (iii) for sponsor identifications within programmes: (i) programme breakers(Note 4) featuring the sponsored titles; (ii) backdrops featuring the sponsored titles; (iii) superimposition of, and/or aural reference to a sponsored programme title once each at the beginning and end of the entire programme; (iv) stay tune announcement1(Note 5) mentioning the sponsored titles; (v) references to the sponsored programme titles in the station’s promotional programme; and (vi) superimposition of a sponsored programme title within programme as permitted under paragraph 15A of Chapter 12 of the Generic Code of Practice on Television Programme Standards. (Note 4) An example of a typical programme breaker is a flipcard featuring a programme title when entering and/or leaving a commercial break. (Note 5) An example of a typical stay tune announcement is the aural and/or visual reference to th...
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