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Each day on domestic free television programme

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Unformatted text preview: and 8:30p.m. each day on domestic free television programme services or at times when television programmes, in the opinion of the CA, target young persons under the age of 18; (iii) make it clear that the advertised nicotine replacement therapy products are aids for smoking cessation(Note 1); (iv) not claim that: (1) the advertised nicotine replacement therapy products can cure smoking addiction; (2) smoking is made safer whilst the habit is being reduced; and (v) contain the advisory message visually and/or aurally: Please (Note 1) It is recognized that it takes determination and perseverance as well as a healthy lifestyle for one to quit smoking successfully. 19 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 6 consult healthcare professionals for more details of the product”. (b) prevention or treatment for any disease of hair or scalp, except for prevention or treatment of dandruff by means of external applications ; (c) pregnancy testing services; (d) clinical laboratory testing services; (e) relief or cure of alcoholism and drug addiction; (f) cosmetic surgery and slimming or weight reducing measures involving the use of medical preparations; and (g) procuration of miscarriage or...
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