Except advertisements for columbaria which are

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Unformatted text preview: ertisements for columbaria, which are acceptable provided that the following conditions are complied with: (i) presentation of such advertisements should be dignified and restrained, and the licensee should exercise due sensitivity in scheduling and presenting such advertisements; and (ii) all explicit references to death and technical aspects of associated services and morbid details must be avoided. (d) unlicensed employment services, registries or bureaux; (e) organisations/companies/persons seeking to advertise for the purpose of giving betting tips; (f) betting (including pools): this does not preclude advertisements for lotteries, football and horse race betting which are authorized by or under the Betting Duty Ordinance (Cap. 108), and for horse racing and football betting publications (whether printed or otherwise) and pre-recorded information services (voice or data) on horse racing and football betting provided that the advertisement does not encourage betting or contain any references to betting tips. No advertise...
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