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G night clubs dance halls massage parlours sauna

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Unformatted text preview: nce halls, massage parlours, sauna houses, bath houses or similar establishments in which hosts or hostesses are employed for the primary purpose of attracting or entertaining customers or in which floor shows or other live performances or activities involving sexual behaviour of whatever nature are presented; (h) escort services in general and dating services targeting young persons under the age of 18; or (i) pay per call information services which offer adult material of a sexual nature. The restriction is not applicable to licensed services restricted for adult viewing. The above list is not exhaustive. Advertisements for other products or services may be prohibited or restricted under the law or under other parts of this Code (e.g. see Chapter 6 Specific Categories of Advertisement). Indirect Publicity of the Unacceptable Product or Service 2. An advertisement for an acceptable product or service may be unacceptable if, in the opinion of the CA, a significant effect of the advertisement would publicise indirectly the unacceptable product or service. 3. Where an adverti...
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