Iii small children should not be shown climbing up to

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Unformatted text preview: water unaccompanied by adults, or playing irresponsibly on escalators. (iii) Small children should not be shown climbing up to high shelves or reaching up to take things from a table above their heads. (iv) Medicines, disinfectants, antiseptics and caustic substances must not be shown within reach of children without close parental supervision, nor should children be shown using these products in any way. (v) Children must not be shown using fire, matches or any gas, paraffin, petrol, mechanical or mains-powered appliance which could lead to their suffering burns, electrical shock or other injury. (vi) Advertising and products advertised must be consistent with generally recognised safety standards. Demonstrations may not depict harmful or dangerous use of product. When children are shown engaging in activities potentially dangerous to them, such activities should be seen being carried out under parental supervision. Except that in advertisements designed specifically and only to promote safety, it may be a...
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