Pending or that the common law rights of an

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Unformatted text preview: at the common law rights of an unregistered trade mark have been acquired in respect of the product/service; (c) whether the proprietor/applicant/licensed user of the registered trade mark or the proprietor of the unregistered trade mark engages in the marketing or manufacturing of the acceptable product/service; and (d) the target audience, the arrangement of the delivery and the placement of the advertisement. NON-DOMESTIC TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES 5. The licensee should observe the laws and programme and advertising standards of the relevant authorities of the intended recipient countries and places. 15 TV Advertising Code – Chp. 6 Chapter 6 Specific Categories of Advertisement DOMESTIC FREE, DOMESTIC PAY TELEVISION PROGRAMME SERVICES AND OTHER LICENSABLE 1. The licensee should exercise care in the inclusion in its licensed service of certain categories of advertisement having regard to the nature of the product or service advertised, the treatment of the product or service in the advertisement and the likely composition of the viewing audience for the time of day at which they are shown. The following paragra...
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