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Unformatted text preview: eived by the licensee in return for the commercial product or service to be featured within the programme, sponsor credit(s) in the form as described in (a) above (subject to paragraph 10 of this chapter); and/or (e) a front or an end advertisement or both which should count towards the advertising time allowance. Front or End Sponsor Credits 5. A distinction between advertising and front or end sponsor credits should be maintained in order to ensure that credits are not used as a means to extend allowable advertising minutage. Credits may include the sponsor’s name and/or his house/trade/brand/product/service name and/or trademark/logo and may show the sponsor’s product or service and contact details (e.g. telephone number, address, fax, website address etc.) Subject to paragraph 3 of this chapter, advertising slogans and attributes of the sponsor may also be used. 6. Without prejudice to paragraphs 8 to 8B of this chapter, sponsor identification, whether incorporated in the title of a programme or not, can appear as a front or an end sponsor credit or both but a front or an end sponsor credit must not exceed 10 seconds in length...
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