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Dna replication stress a almost always results in

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Unformatted text preview: of above 9. DNA replication stress: a. almost always results in cell death b. is linked to the supercoiling of DNA c. results in phosphorylation and degradation of DNA polymerases involved in replication d. results in a checkpoint with fork progression rate and new origin firing inhibited e. all of the above 10. Which enzyme is especially important in the conversion of mRNA into duplex cDNA? a. 3/–> 5/ exonuclease b. DNA pol β c. prokaryotic RNA polymerase d. telomerase e. reverse transcriptase 11. Which repair system would cells most likely use to repair DNA with a deaminated adenine? a. BER b. MMR c. NER d. NHEJ e. homologous recombination repair 12. Which of the following statements about mammalian replication is NOT correct? a. the template strand is read in the 3'->5' direction b. synthesis on the leading strand proceeds via Okazaki fragments c. replication is initiated in multiple locations d. DNA is synthesized in the 5'->3' direction e. at the replisome, the lagging strand is looped out and synthesis on both the leading and lagging strands proceeds at approximately the...
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