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Describe this system including the role each

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Unformatted text preview: including the role each individual protein above plays, what type of damage is repaired, and the steps that lead to this repair. NER! Nucleotide Excision Repair! a. !Damage recognition: XPA, RPA, ! !XPC-TRIIH or hHR23B (GG)! b. !XPB (3 ->5 helicase) & XPD ! !(5 ->3 helicase) of TFIIH:! !ATP-dep DNA unwinding ~25nt! !PIC1 bubble formation ! !XPG replaces XPC ! c.  5 (XPF-ERCC1) & 3 XPG endonuclease cleavage! d.  release -> 24-32 nt fragment! e.  DNA pol delta/epsilon , PCNA; DNA-ligase! 21 ! This system repairs large bulky distortions to DNA such as Thymine cyclobutyl-dimers. C. Defects in this DNA repair system lead to what disease, and what are some of its symptoms? xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) which is characterized by sensitivity to sunlight and high rates of skin cancer 12 Initials:___________________ 33. 15 pts A. Starting with 5/-ATP in a messenger RNA molecule, draw with chemical structures, the reaction(s) catalyzed by capping enzyme, Eukaryotic 5'-Capping Reactions NH2 NH2 N N N N O O -O O N O PO PO P O- O- 5/ O- O -O H H O H OH N 5/ H -O N O PO P O- N P OO O P OH O- O H –O N NH2 O- O O H 1. RNA triphosphatase H –O O O O 3/ O O...
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