E2 F12 answer key

Rna triphosphatase h o o o o 3 o o o o n o popo p o o

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Unformatted text preview: -O O N O POPO P O- O- O- O 5 H GTP H O H OH 3/ NH 2. Guanylyltransferase N NH2 OH O H H OH O mRNA capping enzyme is a bifunctional enzyme with RNA triphosphatase and RNA guanylyltransferase activities on separate domains. The guanylyltransferase domain binds to RNAP II phosphorylated CTD. O / O H H N P H N N H OH / H H OH H O3 OO H N NH2 -O O P O P OO- O O- N -O P O N O H H OH H OH N PO P O O- O H –O N NH2 O H H O3 N H OH / N P OO 5 O O / H H H O H OH 3/ B. N N O -O NH2 NH2 H O Phosphoanhydride linkage NH N O The capping enzyme is associated with which region of the RNA polymerase II? RNAP II Rpb1 C-terminal domain CTD 13 Initials:___________________ 34. 10 pts A. With chemical structures, draw the chemical reaction for the incorporation of the next nucleotide into the mRNA molecule below. Show the chemical structure of the RNA product (only the terminal 2 nucleotides). (Show the complete chemical structure of the incoming substrate that is used for this reaction, but only the terminal nucleotide of th...
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