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Which of the following statements about proteins that

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Unformatted text preview: the following statements about proteins that participate in mammalian DNA replication is NOT correct? a. b. c. d. e. A designates one subunit of the ATP-dependent helicase, MCM B designates DNA pol ε, a classical B family enzyme with proofreading 3/ –>5/ exonuclease activity C designates RFC, replication factor C which is the ATP-dependent clamp loader D designates DNA pol α E designates RPA, replication protein A which binds to single stranded DNA and prevents it from re-annealing 7. Which of the following statements about DNA replication in eukaryotes is NOT correct? a. ORC, the origin recognition complex, binds to DNA with little specificity b. actual initiation sites are determined by the pre-RC c. although the pre-RC is huge, the actual RC consist of just a few proteins d. formation of the pre-RC and its activation are two distinct events e. replication on a segment of DNA occurs only once per cell cycle 2 8. E. coli DNA pol I: a. b. c. d. e. hydrolyzes RNA primers on the lagging strand, and replaces them with DNA catalyzes the following reaction: 5/-(dNMP)n-3/-OH + dNTP –> 5/-(dNMP)n-dNMP -3/-OH + PPi has 5/ –> 3/exonuclease activity has 3/ –> 5/exonuclease activity all...
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