E2 F12 answer key

A rad51 b reca c rad 52 d brca1 e brca2 4 17 the

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Unformatted text preview: combination? a. Rad51 b. RecA c. Rad 52 d. BRCA1 e. BRCA2 4 17. The eukaryotic enzyme that covalently links adjacent nucleotides in DNA using ATP as an energy source. a. primase b. reverse transcriptase c. DNA ligase d. telomerase e. DNA pol γ 18. Which of the statements about the eukaryotic RNAP II shown below is NOT correct? a. found in the nucleus where it synthesizes mRNA b. the Rpb2 subunit is the lower subunit on the left side c. this is the core structure which consists of multiple subunits d. while the surface of this protein generally has a negative charge, the deep DNA binding cleft and active site are positively charged e. the large subunit at the top subunit is Rpb1 which contains the bridging helix 19. The mammalian PIC in mRNA transcription consists of: a. 6 general transcription factors and RNAP II b. TBP and RNAP III c. CPSF, P(A)P, P(A)BP, and RNAP II d. TFIID and RNAP I e. TRIIH, CPSF, and RNAP I 20. What is the chemical reaction catalyzed by the eukaryotic splicesom...
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