E2 F12 answer key

Reduction b oxidation c hydrolysis d transacylation e

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Unformatted text preview: e? a. reduction b. oxidation c. hydrolysis d. transacylation e. transesterification 5 21. What type of eukaryotic gene has several hundred copies in the genome? a. snRNA b. RNase P c. rRNA d. tRNA e. mRNA for DNA pol ε 22. Which of the following statements about formation of a poly(A) tails in mammalin mRNA is NOT correct? a. takes place in the cytosol b. forms a tail of ~250 A at the 3/-end c. is anchored by the CTD of RNAP II d. requires PABP e. requires CPSF 23. The following figure represents which protein that is usually part of the PIC for transcription? a. b. c. d. e. 24. TFIIB involved in transcription start site determination poly(A) polymerase TFIIH helicase Type I eukaryotic topoisomerase TBP Which of the following general statements about transcription is NOT correct? a. transcription does not require primers for the initiation of synthesis b. the antisense strand of DNA acts as a template c. introns are removed from RNA by splicesomes post-transcriptionally starting at the 3-end of the hnRNA and proceeding in the 3/-> 5/ direction d....
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