Expt3 Bradford Assay- Sample Journal Article Report F09

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Unformatted text preview: sigmaaldrich.com/sigma/bulletin/b6916bul.pdf 4 Pierce Biotechnology, Coomassie Blu G-250 Stucture http://www.piercenet.com/Products/Browse.cfm?fldID=02051005 5 Boccaccio, G.L. and Quesada-Allue, L.A. (1989). Interference of sodium dodecyl sulfate in the Bradford assay for protein quantitation. An. Asoc. Quim. Argent. 77(1), 79-88. 6 Carroll, K. and O’Kennedy, R. (1988). Interference effects from Nonidet P-40 and urea in the Bradford protein assay. Biochem. Soc. Trans. 16(3), 382-383. 7 Boyer, R.F. (2000). in Modern Experimental Biochemistry, Benjamin/Cummings, San Francisco, pp 43-44. 8 Peterson, G.L. (1983). in Methods in Enzymology. Hirs, C.H.W. and Timasheff, S.N., eds. San Diego: Academic Press, Vol 91, pp 95-119. 9 Splittgerber, A.G. and Sohl, J. (1989). Nonlinearity in protein assays by the Coomassie blue dye-binding method. Anal. Biochem. 179(1), 198-201....
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