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Unformatted text preview: 8.4726 Residual = y – y‐hat = 26 – 18.4726 = 7.5274 or 7.5 ST1131 Introduction to Statistics c. combined: Defendant Race Death penalty No death penalty White (53+0)/(467+16)=0.11 (higher) (414+16)/(467+16)=0.89 Black (11+4)/(48+143)=0.08 (37+139)/(48+143)=0.94 Tutorial 3 d. The association changes after a third variable is included and data are analyzed at separate levels of that variable (victim race). (For 3.28 parts a ‐ c, round your answers to two decimal places.) e. Yes. Both the victim’s race and defendant’s race predict the death penalty status. Confounding occurs when two explanatory variables are associated with each other. In such cas...
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