Pretest Chapter 10

Pretest Chapter 10 - B. range of topics two people discuss....

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1. Which of the following is not an effective method used to learn more about a friend or a partner? A. Increasing the frequency and intimacy of touching B. Testing your assumptions about his or her personality to see if they're true C. Physically separating to see if the other person initiates further contact D. Talking with mutual friends 2. A marriage dissolution always includes A. failed counseling sessions. B. arguments and conflict. C. dyadic coalitions with third-party influences. D. the re-evaluation of oneself as an individual instead of as a part of a pair. 3. According to the social penetration theory, breadth is referred to as the A. superficial to intimate level of discussion between two people.
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Unformatted text preview: B. range of topics two people discuss. C. tendency to discuss only topics about which two people mutually agree. D. number of self-disclosures a person is willing to make in an intimate relationship. 4. When you are able to discuss a wide variety of topics at a deep level with another person you have achieved a high degree of A. conversational exchange. B. social penetration. C. acceptance. D. intimate risk-reduction. 5. Which of the following relationship stages is not possible on the Internet? A. Deterioration B. Intimacy C. Contact D. All are possible 6. At which stage is a married couple likely to seek joint counseling? A. Repair stage...
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Pretest Chapter 10 - B. range of topics two people discuss....

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