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Chapter 4 Exam - Take Assessment Chapter 4 Exam Name...

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Take Assessment Chapter 4 Exam Name: Chapter 4 Exam Instructions: Chapter 4 Multiple Attempts: Not allowed. This Test can only be taken once. Force Completion: This Test can be saved and resumed later. Question 1 Multiple Choice 1 points Anna, a self-described liberal, subscribes to The New York Times, watches programs on HBO, but does not watch FOX News. ________ shapes her perception. A liberal bias Selective exposure Fair and balanced information A preconceived attitude Question 2 Multiple Choice 1 points The way in which people organize information and stimuli includes chronological order, detailed memory, and roles. rules, schemata, and past experiences. temporal order, rational outcomes, and predictions. rules, schemata, and script. Question 3 Multiple Choice 1 points If a tall woman dates a short man, you might use the rule of ________ to organize your perception of the couple. proximity similarity opposites contrast Question 4 Multiple Choice 1 points If you meet a politician and assume that this person is overly confident, opinionated, and slick, you are using a ________ to shape your perception. schemata script interpretation-evaluation selective exposure Question 5 Multiple Choice 1 points When you go out to dinner with friends, you expect to chat casually, order an appetizer and dinner, split a dessert, and divide the bill. This sequence of events is called a rule of similarity. script. schemata. degree of predictability.
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Question 6 Multiple Choice 1 points You assume that your economics professor is conservative, but you see him at a Dixie Chicks concert, the schemata you formed is likely to remain as it was as the information is slightly inconsistent with your existing schemata. revise your original schemata. minimize the surprise you felt when at the concert.
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Chapter 4 Exam - Take Assessment Chapter 4 Exam Name...

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