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The information processing model donders 1868 is

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Unformatted text preview: sing, attending to, transforming, retaining, and transmitting information? The Information Processing Model Donders (1868) is considered first to use chronometric techniques to measure information processing. he identified seperate stages and measured them…. are sperate and non overlapping Stimulus ? Series of separate, and non-overlapped processing stages Response 12 all of these stages are before movement occurs. Chronometric Approach… … for inferring cognitive processes he didint read this just serial in nature Examines the temporal aspects of information processing, concentrating on the duration of processes. Extensively uses RT studies. By carefully controlling the test environment, we can infer that changes in RT are a result of a cognitive process. The Information Processing Model threee stages they occur one at a time and one doesnt start till the next one does Assumptions… 1.  Numerous processing stages that occur between stimulus and response 2.  Sequence of processing stages is initiated by stimulus presentation 3.  Each stage operates only on information available to it 4.  Each stage transforms in some way the information supplied to it, an event which takes time 5.  Upon completion of processing performed at one stage, the transformed information is made available to the next stage of processing Donders RT studies Compared to simple RT ( a-reaction ), choice RT ( b-reaction ), and discrimination RT ( creaction ) require additional processing which account for greater time. a reaction=RT there are stages encorperated just serial in nature a-reaction c-reaction Stimulus discrimination b- reaction Stimulus Response discrimination selection 13 serial--everything happens linearly in order...
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