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The logical scheme is that of a neuron being

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Unformatted text preview: in the nervous system-like computers. •  The logical scheme is that of a neuron being activated and then causing another neuron to fire. (McCullough & Pitts, 1943) weiner---he introduced the idea that machines could be perposful. they could make decisions on their own. Cybernetics (Norbert Wiener - Engineer) -this is associated with feedback in the machine. give them an algorithm and they can use this to make "decisions" In 1948... he published Cybernetics which integrated developments in the understanding of the human nervous system, the electronic computer as well as the operation of other machines. Introduced the radical idea... Machines are purposeful... machines that exhibit feedback can be considered to be striving towards goals . information theory---we can take a complicated idea called information and reduce it to a single decision between 2 alternatives. Information Theory In the 1940s... Shannon developed the idea that information can be thought of as simply a single decision between 2 alternatives. circuits could embody operations of thought. Claude Shannon Basic unit of information = bit (binary digit) Electrical circuits could embody fundamental operations of thought 5 Neuropsychological Syndromes considerable convergences--the the brain injuries affected people of all cultures and backgrounds. Aftermath of WWII... mental pathologies due to brain injury were heavily studied. Laboratories all over the world found considerable convergence across cultural and linguistic boundaries. e.g., Aphasia assumed similar forms despite wide differences across languages. ! ! Common thread… One can consider cognitive processes apart from any physical embodiment or structure. The focus is instead on the efficacy of any tra...
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